Amber honey Open for new customers.

Repaint Artist Amber Honey will be opening commissions this Saturday, “Available will be 5 (five) repaint slots on Saturday, November 17th 5PM EST (-05:00) at the price of 60USD each (not including the price of… Continue reading

A unique doll

Dolls of all kinds get repainted by artist, all over the world. Monster High wasn’t left out, since their arrival they have turning into one of the favorite vinyl dolls to customize because… Continue reading

Werecat sisters Review

These two madams were released  February this year, they are liked but apparently somewhat rare, at least where I am. I got a lucky find and got them. So I might as well give them… Continue reading

Toralei Review

Being released a year ago, the hype around this girl has gone down. Still getting this doll made me want to review her, because she is a fun character. The Box. A red… Continue reading

Rochelle vs Rochelle

  Well I happened to have two types of Rochelle’s in my house, and after I got a bunch of questions I made photo’s of them together. Note that my basic Rochelle was… Continue reading

Scaris Rochelle

So, not to long ago I received a faulty Rochelle. After exchanging some e-mails they agreed to send me a replacement, 2 days later I received, to my surprise, a Rochelle Scaris, city… Continue reading

Welcome to this blog!

Welcome to my monster high blog, I hope this will work out! I am trying to develop a high quality monster high blog. The plan is to mix the artistic side of monster high with… Continue reading

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  • Scaris movie trailer.

    Mattel has put the trailer for the new Monster High movie up, it can be found here. Enjoy.
  • Black Friday!

    Rerelease class room dolls without lockers have been announced as the door busters for walmart. Other rumors have come up that the picture day dolls will be in stock at toysRus on black friday.
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  • Photo’s of Picture day dolls

    Photo's of Picture day dolls in box can be found here:
  • Mattel announces new Roller Maze dolls

    Today Mattel released new photo's of roller maze Abbey and Clawdeen, they will be sold separate. Hopefully this will mean a budget line Clawdeen for Clawdeen fans and custom artists!
  • New CAM photo’s released

    Mattel released photo's of new CAM sets, there are no known release dates. One set is a fire and ice doll, with see trough bodies. The other set are a Medusa and Mummy doll. All sets have torso's for both dolls.
  • Scaris suspicious Pre-order

    A german store is offering preorders on several new and to be released dolls. How ever we warn you that, because mattel is still deleting these photo's if posted anywhere, this might not be a full legal dealing. Please be careful fans!
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