Toralei Review

Being released a year ago,
the hype around this girl has gone down.
Still getting this doll made me want to review her,
because she is a fun character.

The Box.

A red black box,
without a illustration on the front.
I don’t often like the color choices mattel makes on these girls.
There is so much red and black the doll becomes one with the box.

She comes with a black stand which is hidden in the box,
She has an alright pose, you can check all her limbs without to much trouble.

The back of the box has a illustration of her,
this is the only illustration used for this doll. It is in her book as well,
so not much special to report here. I just noticed, I didn’t think the illustration
looked like the Toralei I know from the webisodes or the movies.
Not that it matters, besides the lighter facial markings the doll looks like her.

This is how she is on her cardboard.

The Doll.

Her face is just adorable!
On my Toralei it was a bit ruined,
her one eye is quite a bit bigger then the other.
Especially her Iris and pupil suffered which is find kinda, creepy,
I used to have a cat who died of a brain tumor. One of the symptoms was
that her left pupil was about twice the size of the right and her left eye
was usually more open then the other.

So “my Toralei has a brain tumor” feel is itching me,
but luckily she will be repainted so I am not to bothered.
If, how ever, this was my child’s doll I would start to get the weird wobbles
after some weeks of seeing this doll lay around.

Anyhow, she has a cute round face,
with a kitty nose with cute detail and lips that arch upwards, which I find a must in cat design,
her eye shape on the sculpt are big and round with pointed areas on the middle lower corners and upper outside corners.
She has earrings and a rip in one ear.

To be honest the ears are the only thing really bad ass about her, besides that her face is superbly cute,
unlike Cleo or Cupid who have very angled face with sharp cheek bones making them look a bit mean,
especially if the eyes are printed on just a bit to high.
I do really like this, especially for artists who repaint them, you can make her how ever you want.

She has green and pink makeup with green eyes,
I was happy to see Mattel giving a doll eye color that wasn’t themed with the outfit,
but they still avoided making them pop by putting green in her eyeshadow.
Basic makeup and styling rule, “Never use the same color as the eyes for makeup and outfits”
Mattel is just a star at ignoring this little rule.

She has one striped arm and leg,
my boyfriend was convinced they forgot to do the other arm and leg.
And I can imagine more people might think this.

Her hair has been stuck flat, I have seen photo’s of her with this washed out,
and I must say I do prefer this look. I am sure there is no other way for mattel to get
the hair stripes on, but I rater do without stripes then with the hair that feels hard and glued.
It also resulted in her cardboard fasteners looking  a bit un-charming on the back of her head.


She comes with a Jacked, scarf, shirt and pants/leggings.
Besides the fabric items she comes with nice shoes, belt ,a bag and earrings. No bracelets,
I had sort of expected them to do this, but nope.
It is all colored themed, besides the belt.
I am not sure how they suddenly decided give her a gold belt.

The shirt is a bit short, it is supposed to be a shirt dress.
I get why mattel did this, to make it look more like a shirt, because the dress has a cut in it and they
could just hear a angry mob of parents run up to them complaining about a leg revealing dress.
How ever it makes her look like she is wearing a overlarge legging with a shirt, and well,
don’t we all kind of hate that normal shirt with legging behind look?
Because her leggings are a bit spacious it also looks like she is wearing something weird underneath,
I’m not saying it looks like she has diaper bum when she sits, but.. I guess I am.
I was able to solve this by tucking her shirt in her leggings making them look like pants or just pull down
the shirt dress every photo.

The jacket is fantastic!
With her shoes it’s a strong combo, it has a back/neck plate of some sort,
with markings like they used for the scaris boxes.
It is a really nice little detail, it also gives her that villain collar thing you see in some
of the old cartoon villains and Dracula.

She also has printed on gloves,
I am not sure how much I like them, they limit what you can do with the doll
if you were to use her for a OC. Because the hands are vinyl you can’t sand it.
They have spikes on them and for the Toralei character they work great.

Other things.

She also comes with a pet and a book.
The pet has cute eyes, and is called sweet fangs, I am not really sure why they add these pets.
They add nothing and they are not anywhere in the webisodes or stories.
I think fans would have preferred a extra pair of shoes or un-gloved hands?
Doesn’t take away that he is cute.

She also has a little book, with information about her,
but there are so many translations inside that it just becomes a messy collection of things,
with the illustration from the back of the box in there.

But it seems Mattel has already noted this and has given the scaris line some fantastic diaries!

I hope you enjoyed this review,

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