Rochelle vs Rochelle


Well I happened to have two types of Rochelle’s in my house,
and after I got a bunch of questions I made photo’s of them together.

Note that my basic Rochelle was not wearing the default outfit.

Rochelle versus Rochelle

Simply put these girls are so much alike,
the hair color is the same and their makeup is the exact same template
but with teal added in the top line.

My Basic Rochelle looks like her eyes are smaller but it’s because her eyes
are printed on a bit lower.

I have how ever noticed one thing,
the Scaris could pose her head a lot better and it has made me wonder
if mattel updated their head systems.
But besides that Scaris Rochelle seems to be pretty much the same besides her hair.


I hope this is a nice bit of information for fans who, in the future, have to decide between these two girls.


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